5 necessary construction tools

Oddly enough, but everyone in the words “building tools” in their thoughts has an image of a drill, a hammer, an ax, saw and other units that are really needed with any type of construction. However, everything is not so simple — besides what is indicated in each set of necessary tools, there are five little things, some of which are not even related to construction tools, but at the same time they are able to significantly facilitate the work and save time.

For example, the wood ramp, forgotten by many, is rounded on one side, and has a flat view from the second. On both sides there are both large and small teeth. Oddly enough, but this fairly useful unit can be used to process not only wooden, but also plastic surfaces. In principle, you can use rashpil in general on any surface, with the exception of metal and especially strong woods.

Many also faced the need to process the upper part of the self -tapping screw in order to level the hat, to ensure that it does not stand out with a tubercle on the surface. A cross bit for self -tapping screws will be able to help you with this, which is included in the built -in Zenkovka.

Surely many during the construction work were tired in the evening and dropped nails, screws, nuts and other small metal objects on the floor, which are one “pleasure” to look for one “pleasure” in piles of dust and construction trash. And under the conditions of illumination of the construction projects with low -power light bulbs … But the problem is easily solved with the help of a telescopic magnet, which can be pulled out to the desired length and it will find a part even if it rolled into a small gap.

Pipes to cut «love» everyone. Especially if this pipe is in an inaccessible place and an ordinary pipeline does not crawl there. At the moment, a large number of compact pipelines have appeared, the size of which does not affect their strength — such a “baby” can even cut a strong copper pipe.

But builders “love” even more cutting pipes aligning various surfaces. When considering that modern laser levels often fail, a regular plumb line is simply an indispensable device for any construction work.