A competent choice of accessories

A competent choice of accessories

More and more people in their apartments, offices and houses mount plastic profiles. They have a large number of advantages over wooden analogues. Double -glazed windows do not pass cold air, perfectly save heat, provide excellent sound insulation, they are resistant to temperature differences and look aesthetically aesthetically. Most of the buyers during the choice of plastic products pay special attention to the option of the profile itself and the quality of the glass, which is very important. But the main indicator of the work is the quality of the fittings used.

Furniture for windows made of plastic provides all functionality, due to which the profile control should be convenient and simple. The window should be closed and open with ease. It should not be saved on accessories, for the reason that illiterately selected or poor -quality accessories can ruin the profile.

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The first thing you should pay attention to during the choice of accessories is the material from which it is made. Do not purchase parts made of plastic. They are not durable and will not be able to evenly distribute the load. Steel details are best suitable for this purpose, especially if the profile is large in size than the standard. Metal parts must have a special protective coating, due to which they can withstand reduced temperatures and precipitation.

The quality of accessories for the most part determines the cost of the double -glazed window itself. The operational period of the entire design also depends on its reliability. The second sign of high -quality accessories is its wear resistance. This parameter is determined by the number of closing/openings. The warranty period of the manufacturer is also important, but it is better to pay attention to the indicators of wear resistance. At least it should be 10 thousand, and the most reliable and well -known manufacturers guarantee up to 40 thousand.

The cost of accessories will also be determined by its functionality. Some varieties can provide only folding or rotary openings. The rotary-oatmeal mechanism will be more expensive, but it will also allow you to open the window in several modes, as well as fix the position at different angles.

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