A competent choice of mortgages

Each city will probably find more than hundred proposals for the provision of mortgage lending, while any potential borrower tries to extract maximum benefits for himself.

Therefore, you should choose a sentence with the most suitable conditions for yourself individually.

In order to make a competent choice, it is necessary to thoroughly study the available offers on the market.

In the process of choosing a sentence, it is worth carefully studying, and then compare the most important indicators of mortgage lending.

Important indicators include:

— lending currency;

— the fact of the presence and size of the initial contribution;

— the amount of the annual interest rate;

— loan amount and term;

— additional expenses;

— The target market for which the mortgage loan occurs.

It is most profitable for the design of a mortgage in rubles, since the course of foreign currencies is constantly changing, which can lead to an increase in monthly payments.

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The initial contribution always takes place, but in some banks its payment is not mandatory. On the one hand, this attracts many customers, but in fact, in the absence of an initial contribution, there is always a large rate of interest rate.

Interest rates of different banks differ in size, sometimes this difference is very significant. When deciding on a mortgage loan, attention should be paid not only to the interest rate, but also to the likelihood of its changes. Some banks indicate in agreements on their right to increase the size of the interest rate, which with the war is unprofitable for the client.

It is worth paying attention to the amount of the issued amount and the deadline for issuing a mortgage, which differ from each other in different banks.