A little about corrugated board: advantages and disadvantages

Corrugated board — surprisingly universal material. Fences, gates are built from it, put on the roof, faces the facades of buildings and, even, build the buildings themselves (country houses, sheds). Focused on low -rise construction. Relatively low price, with high quality, allows you to get more through the smaller.

The profile was invented in 1820 in England, and in the USSR they began to be released in mass production in g.Samara in 1968.

The corrugated board is a thin sheet of metal, which is processed using cold rental technology, after which it becomes corrugated.  Prices for roofing materials and corrugated board depend on a particular brand and quantity that the customer buys. Roofing materials in bulk will certainly cost cheaper. The thickness of the leaf and its height varies depending on the purpose: for wall cornfield — 0.4 — 0.5 mm, for roofing — 0.45 to 0.8 mm, for the supporting — 0.65 — 1.2 mm. Despite the fact that the material is very thin, its structure provides it with a very high degree of stiffness. The sheet in the manufacture is subjected to the profiling procedure, that is, they give it a certain shape (wave -like, trapezoidal).

They make sheets of corrugated board from galvanized steel, copper, aluminum, chromicillage steel. Purely steel sheets are not in demand, as they are too subject to corrosion. The most expensive copper and aluminum sheets of corrugated board are considered. To protect the sheets, they are covered with a protective polymer or paintwork. In addition to protection, the coating carries a decorative function, which allows you to use corrugated board almost everywhere.

Advantages of using profiled sheets:

The sheets are simply mounted and they hide the irregularities of the walls well;

The service life of the profiled sheet is over 45 years;

The corrugated board does not rust, which gives reliability and durability to the structures from it;

It is convenient to transport and fold the material;

Thanks to the polymer coating, the color of the profiled sheet can be any that simplifies design issues;

Does not require special tools to work with it;

The material is very sealed;

The sheets of corrugated board are lungs.

Disadvantages of the use of profiled sheets:

The use of corrugated board greatly affects sound insulation. This material reflects the sound very well. But this drawback is easily eliminated;

If you damage the protective layer, the metal is very corroded;

The corrugated board does not always look aesthetically aesthetic.