Acrylic baths

The interior of the bathroom will not be complete if it does not turn out to be beautiful and comfortable, stylish and spacious, sparkling with white bath. The range of baths is diverse — they differ in design, dimensions, forms, material from which they were made. Each bath is a work of art of sanitary technology, since to achieve a high level of comfort they are complemented by headrests, handles of all kinds of colors, equipment for aromatherapy. Such baths occupy a worthy place in any interior.

Acryl is one of the different types of plastic that is directly related to thermoplasts that are able to soften when heated, take a certain form to and to cool it when cooling.

Today, the acrylic bathtub in the plumbing market is the subject of mass demand, so its «sisters» are fading into the background. What did the plumbing from acrylic the hearts of the consumer conquered? The bath is made of special polymer material, which is strengthened by hot molding, and fiberglass and various kinds of resins are used at the same time. Or reinforced with a fine steel mesh inside the bath, as a result of which it acquires a strong casting case, with a wall thickness of 6.5-9 millimeters. High technologies and characteristics of the industrial production of acrylic — this is the result of the appearance of the bath — its gloss and brilliance. Design, size, shape and color scheme of such baths are diverse, in addition, they can be equipped with transparent and colored inserts, decorative backlight, hydromassage systems, modern electronic control. Acrylic baths are not heavy, which is very convenient when delivering and installing.

Their surface is resistant to pollution, since acrylic is dielectric. Posters to abrasion, heat and noise-insulating, if necessary are restored- this means that cracks and small scratches are eliminated using special polishes.

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