Alpine hill. DIY corner of untouched nature

Alpine slide, or as it is often called, climber is one of the most popular elements in modern landscape design, which, in fact, is perfectly combined with almost any kind of garden. The uniqueness and attractiveness of such a jewelry for the garden plot is quite understandable, because most people are somehow drawn to the beauty of the pristine nature, the game of its natural bright colors and textures. And all this is perfectly combined in a proportionate decorative mound, bearing a sonorous name «Cellular».

The construction of an alpine hill is not an easy matter, requiring not only investments of a material and labor nature, but also the application of knowledge, without which it is alas — impossible. What you need to know if you firmly decide to build such an island of calm for yourself?

Firstly, the mountaineering cannot exist on poorly drainage soil, because decorative plants, which are its main pride and decoration, are likely to die, since the root system will be rotted. This factor, oddly enough, occupies the first place by law, because it is on it that the effectiveness of your work most depends on it!

The second important point in creating an alpine hill is its size, which directly depends on the size of your site. If the site is small, then no specialist will advise you to erect a large climber on it. If the site is large enough — the opposite, the alpine hill equipped on it will have to occupy a lot of space, because with its small size, such an element of the design of your garden will simply be “lost”, turning into a regular flowerbed in appearance. That is — the second rule is proportionality and proportionality.

The third point will be for you the rule of form and composition. Such an element of decoration carries a very bright accent function, so you need to remember that the shape of your slide should approach the style of the entire site. In the garden with smooth lines of paths, the climber of soft oval or rounded shape will look best, while with a straightforward structure of space — a square, rectangular or triangular is more suitable for you.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that no matter what difficulties you have to encounter on the path of gaining this miracle — it is worth it, because the correctly executed mountaineering is able to delight its owner for many years.