Alpine slide on your summer cottage

Alpine mountain or mountaineering, in the understanding of a professional landscape designer — this is not some small slide on which stones and flowers are located. Alpine slide is rather a micromy that wrapps around, almost the entire garden. But it’s worth it. The garden with such an element of decor will not go unnoticed.

Alpine slide is very complicated in its performance. It is better, of course, to call it a qualified landscape designer for its creation. But it can be done by yourself (this can take a lot of time and effort).

To create such a hill, first of all, you need an open space that you need to somehow decorate. Secondly, you should think about drainage. Most often, broken brick or gravel is used for it. For a hill, you must prematurely choose beautiful stones of various sizes. Be sure to think about those who will help you with a hill. One you cannot build a good alpine slide, and not everyone will want to drag one heavy stones alone. Plants that will decorate your slide is an integral element of any climinal. Sometimes to give special strength, foam blocks are used from the back, which additionally gives stability to the design.

So, when all the blanks lie in their places, you can begin to work on the creation of an alpine hill itself. First of all, mark the place where it will be. Decide on its width and height. By the way, I advise you to make several sketches as you see the final result. In this case, it will be much easier for you to navigate in space. The first thing to think about is the pit. It must be dug deep. Then, it is covered with drainage. Many use construction garbage, which could stay in the summer cottage. At the same time, you perform two functions: create the basis for the future alpine hill and clean your site from unnecessary garbage. The drainage layer is covered with a thick layer of sand. Sand, in turn, falls asleep with fertile soil and all this is compacted. Now the main thing is to do everything you want. First place the stones. Think about how they will look when various types of colors on the alpine hill grow. Designers advise choosing large stones, provided that you have a large site. Such stones will be striking and your guests will not be able to pass by. Avoid symmetry, in a chaotic order they will look much more natural.

Everything else is at your discretion.