Aluminum glazing of balconies and loggias

Montag, Januar 27, 2014, 3:28 Autor: Admin | Bau Und Instandhaltung

Modern glazing of balconies can be carried out using the use of various materials. In this case, the choice should be based on certain features of the building and the apartment itself. Now the most common are the following options:

— window frames made of natural wood. This material is known for its natural properties, such as high strength, environmental safety, beautiful texture and variety of colors. In a single composition with high -quality fittings, such designs will become a real decoration of any interior. But natural wood also has its own drawback — this is the need for constant maintenance of its condition with the help of appropriate care;

— metal -plastic window blocks that are quite common. They are an excellent option in terms of price and quality;

— Aluminum glazing of balconies, loggias are now very popular due to the possibilities provided. Such structures are distinguished by good strength and durability, but at the same time they are very light and thin, which allows you to use them on dilapidated and old balconies. The apartment creates additional security from the offensive influences. Thanks to the characteristics of the main material, this option is very in demand, since you can save a useful area due to a small thickness of the profiles. Außerdem, you can not worry about the risk of sunbathing, since the material is fireproof. Structures can be created in various configurations, painted in the required color. They will last a long time without deforming and not succumbing to corrosion. And the stylish and modern look will be like inside, und außerhalb.

This version of glazing creates a favorable environment for living, maintaining internal heat, preventing the penetration of cold air and dust. For city residents, isolation from external noise will be very relevant. All this is possible due to the heat and sound insulation characteristics of the materials used. By the type of structure, it can be swinging or sliding. Their choice must be implemented based on the technological features of the room and the required goals. Housing will become even more comfortable and comfortable, it will be pleased to be at any time of the year. In addition to all excellent characteristics, the cost of the entire complex of work is quite affordable and not required large financial costs.