an integral part of the construction of any house

Thermal insulation is an integral part of the construction of any house. It is impossible to imagine a situation where a poorly insulated dwelling allows the owners to feel comfortable. In winter, under this condition, it becomes very cold, and in the summer it is too hot. Therefore, do not build to regret money for such an important event as thermal insulation.

Moreover, in the end, all expenses are fully paid off, because heating costs are reduced. In many ways, for this reason, at the moment, almost every house is equipped with its own reliable protection against external temperature conditions. The modern construction market provides such an opportunity.

Nothing complicated to choose the material suitable for the purpose of insulation, now. Only you need to understand what the specific features of each consist of. Then the chances of acquiring a more suitable thermal insulation material will increase sharply. In most cases, the owners today prefer various mineral wool materials or polystyrene foam.

In the production of mineral wool, natural raw materials are used. Basalt and silica go for its manufacture. The result of the technological process is to obtain environmentally friendly and rather practical material, which is reliably protected from the penetration of steam. True, the weight of mineral wool is quite large.

A good alternative to this material can be considered polystyrene polystyrene. It is characterized by light weight, so its use is significantly facilitated. But the polystyrene foam and serious disadvantages have. In particular, it is not able to pass air, so it is better not to use it for insulation of residential premises. Mineral wool for this purpose is much larger than.

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