Arbolit — modern material for construction

Arbolit is the most modern and environmental material. Specialists managed to combine the properties of two materials — this is a stone and a tree. Everyone knows that the tree is the most famous material for construction, an environmentally friendly product with their dangers. The safest material regarding fire and decay. Today you can not make a choice between stone and wooden material. There is an opportunity to start building a arbolite.

Arbolit is a light concrete, which contains wood chips, high -quality Portland cement, mineralizer and connecting. The composition available in the material retains the best qualities — the environmental friendliness of the tree, heat, resistance to cold, burning is excluded, the strength is not rotten, and the strength is increased. Arbolite is used when laying a wall, intended for low -rise buildings is also used as a heater.

The basis of the arbolite is a wood chips obtained from waste from the enterprise that process the forest.Arbolite production technology can give material with any size and forms including building blocks from arbolite, and arbolite monolith. Arbolite in which low density is cheap, it is not used in the construction of a capital construction, but it is suitable for insulation. Arbolite having a high density prevails with the best strength character, and in the construction of low -rise buildings, which has a height of up to 3 floors.

Arbolite compared to brick is very light and porous, so arbolite blocks are slightly larger. This accelerates the process of work, while this material does not require setting, unlike wooden buildings, after the completion of construction and finishing work, the construction is ready for operation. Arbolite is very simply processed, it can be easily sawed, it can be placed, fixed, work with self -tapping screws or nails. Arbolite buildings do not require insulation even in the northern regions of countries. Buildings built from arbolite have good operational qualities, inside which there is always a positive microclimate, they are very durable and retain warmth.