Arrangement of an artificial reservoir on a garden plot

In the summer heat I want to find myself on the banks of the river or lake, and sit at fresh and cool water. Now, each owner of the land in the city can equip a reservoir right on its site.In fact, this is not so difficult to do. The first step will be the choice of optimal location. In this matter, it should be noted that the reservoir should naturally fit into the surrounding landscape. If there are dense landings on the site, such as shrubs or trees, then they should accommodate on the north side of the new object. Thus, they will protect the reservoir from the north winds and shade it a little.

The construction of an artificial reservoir begins with the removal of the upper soil layer from the selected area, then you need to dig a pit of the form that you have chosen (it can be any — oval, square, rectangular, with winding shores), always with tilted walls. The land will then come in handy for the construction of either rockery or an alpine hill (of course, if desired). Waterproof material should be put on the bottom and walls of the pit, clay can be such material. It needs to be mixed, covered with the walls and bottom, seal, and then leave so that the clay is dried up. After that, it is better to put a waterproof film and only, then the second layer of clay goes on. This will extend the life of your reservoir. Gravel or crushed stone is usually covered at the bottom, and pressed a little into clay. If you want to avoid erosion of slopes, then you need to put the tile on them. It is necessary to take care of the plants that will be planted in the future. For them, recesses are made at the bottom, which then need to be filled with soil.

If you do not want to get a personal swamp in the garden, then the water must be running. Therefore, you need to immediately lay the supply and waste pipe. Supply — connects to the water supply, sewage — is displayed in the ditch (arrange below the level of your reservoir!), you need to install a valve on it, or close the drain hole with a cork.

When all this work is carried out, you can start planting plants. It is better that they grow in small groups, then the surface of the water will not be closed completely.

These tips should help you equip a beautiful fresh corner that will delight with its beauty and coolness.

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