Arrangement of small kitchen: designer advice.

Even in a small kitchen with an area of ​​about 8 square meters. meters can create a beautiful design and optimally place everything you need.

Calm light shades will help to visually increase the space. And you can always make diversity and color with the help of decor items. Do not use a large number of patterns and drawings, as they will only tire.

In a small kitchen there should be a lot of light, both natural and artificial. Therefore, it is better to choose light translucent curtains from plain fabric for the window and use many spotlights, placing them above the working surface. The original chandelier with several light bulbs will also not be superfluous.

The choice of furniture should be taken with all seriousness. The right choice would be glass furniture and plastic.

Hinged cabinets with glass or mirror doors and shelves will give the interior airiness. When buying, you need to choose cabinets with folding or opening doors, as well as with a large number of boxes and shelves. To store small things, you can use the space under the window by installing a small cabinet there or simply hanging the shelves. The dishes will be conveniently stored in hidden compartments of kitchen furniture. Doors to the kitchen are also desirable to install glass, the Indeal directory.

The dining table is better to choose a folding, oval shape, then it will not take up much space. Instead of chairs, you can choose a small corner sofa, it will allow you to place a larger number of people at the same area at the table.

When creating a design in a small kitchen, it is necessary to use built -in household appliances. The technique can be built not only in furniture itself, but also in the walls. In addition, a small microwave and oven can be fixed on the brackets in the right place above the working surface.

You can also save space by replacing the door with a sliding.

And do not overload a small room with various accessories and lush indoor plants. It is better to hang one interesting picture or two or three commemorative photos.