Balcony glazing options in the apartment

The balconies are glazed either in order to protect their inner area from dirt, snow and dust, or in order to add the area of ​​the apartment. In both cases, different designs are used.

«Cold» glazing of the balcony

For this, either wooden ordinary frames or aluminum structures are used. The first option is the cheapest. However, this design has many disadvantages. Sales of such models are only swinging. This is not too good for the balcony. The frames themselves are not very reliable and quickly fail. Aluminum profiles in this regard are much more convenient, since such glazing of balconies involves the use of a rotary-fingered structure. Frames with sliding leaves can be considered even more comfortable. There is another, unusually aesthetic version of the designs, with which you can simply perfectly protect the balcony. These are the so -called non -ramous models. Their frame, of course, has. However, it is very thin and almost invisible. Such equipment looks like a continuous glass wall. This option is the most modern, but the most expensive.

«Warm» glazing of the balcony

In order to make the balcony warm in the winter season, double -glazed windows are used. The most popular option is currently considered PVC frames. They are not too expensive, while durable and beautiful. In order to achieve the preservation of optimal temperature, you should use double -glazed windows with at least two cameras. The heat of the model is especially well retained, between the glasses of which is not a vacuum, but any inert gas.

In addition, the glass themselves are often processed by a special composition that reflects heat radiation back into the room. For loggia, such models will be just a great option. After all, central heating is prohibited here by norms. And electric heaters cope with maintaining the desired temperature slightly worse.

The profiles made of wood are also often used. Such euro -covers have just excellent performance, aesthetic, convenient and environmentally friendly. However, these designs are quite expensive. In addition, they are somewhat complicated in care. The fact is that the coverage of the frames has to be updated from time to time.

Depending on what type of glazing is necessary — “warm” or “cold” is selected and the type of equipment is also selected. Today’s assortment of profiles easily allows you to make the most correct and suitable purchase.