Bathroom. A little story

For a long time passed the days when our ancestors got off the tree and began to equip ground dwellings. Also in the deepest past times, when even the highest classes fell into panic from the need to wash their mortal body. And not so long ago we said goodbye to the illusion that the bathroom is intended for a working class.The history of the bathroom in the form in which we see it began at the dawn of the 20th century, when humanity invented, or rather, improved a simple water tap.

At the beginning of the last century, the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle was especially popular, and in this case without water procedures. In those days, a distinctive feature of the bathroom was the presence of nickel coatings and white tiles. Also, the accompanying obligatory attribute was a large window and the presence of a huge marble washbasin. A few more generations ago, shower was taken sitting on a wicker chair, enjoying warm water and quiet crackling of the fireplace, the presence of which was also a prerequisite.

Between the two world wars, those that could still afford it, built large bathrooms with a solid decorative marble product, which was called the bathroom. Water heated to the required temperature was supplied to the bath using a tap tap. And the room itself was striking in the brilliance of marble surfaces.

But, despite all this, the bathroom was separated from the living space of apartments and houses only in the middle of the 20th century. The demographic explosion, which entailed the currently unable to solve the apartment issue, forced the bathroom to more and more to squeeze the dimensions. As a result, today, everyone has become habitual to see a small bathroom, the owners of which are trying to equip it as practical as possible. And progress, which, as you know, does not stand still, helps them in every possible way. After all, now for designers there are innumerable options for designing bathrooms and for all this at their disposal a huge number of various materials.