Bearing the cornice of the roof with various materials

The construction and repair of soft roofs is a process that includes the construction of a rafter structure, as well as insulation, installation of roofing material, installation of gutters and, of course, the cornice of the roof is carried out.

Different materials are used to binder the roof cornices — it can be a wooden lining or vinyl or metal siding, aluminum sophite.

If you use the first option, it is worth considering that a wooden lining is a short -lived material. It must be painted, in addition, it gains moisture and eventually acquires a black shade, which is not very aesthetically pleasing.

Other ways to perform cornice binder

As for vinyl siding, it is due to the profile, which is designed to serve on the facade walls, looks poor on cornice binding. Also, there are no ventilation holes in it, which, with independent manufacture, significantly spoil the appearance.

Vinyl sophite is considered the best material for this task, since the material is specially created for the baking of the cornices, has a ceiling structure and is carried out with different forms of perforation — perforated, continuous, and with central perforation

The last option is a metal galvanized siding. I would immediately want to note about him that the metal is prone to corrosion, and this will lead to the fact that the structure is not durable — over time, rusty spots will appear on it, which are striking when the white color of the material is chosen. And for other colors, such spots are not too good.

Similar materials:

Solving the problem of how the thermal insulation of the roof is performed, many do not suspect that today the waterproofing sub -permanent films are called up, primarily

The most common way of covering roofs is the device of roofs from metal tiles.

Most of the residential real estate in our country is not particularly characterized by effective thermal resistance, providing comfortable conditions in the room.

The building market for covering roofs offers a wide range of these products, which can satisfy the requests of even capricious buyers.