BelSU will cooperate with Chinese universities to introduce AI in education and agro-industrial complex

Belgorod State National Research University (NRU «BelSU») has signed a cooperation agreement with the East China Pedagogical University, from which it plans to learn from the experience of introducing artificial intelligence in education.

Also, the university will be engaged in the implementation of AI in agricultural technology in partnership with Dezhou University, said on Saturday in her Telegram channel, acting. Rector of the National Research University «BelSU» Evgenia Karlovskaya.

«We have a new important partner — the East China Normal University. We signed a cooperation agreement with the rector of this university, Mr. Qian Xuhong, which involves the academic mobility of students and teachers, the development of joint educational programs, and the holding of scientific events. Of particular interest to me and, I hope, , my colleagues are studying the experience of Chinese partners from the Shanghai Institute of Artificial Intelligence in Education, which is part of the East China Normal University,» she wrote.

According to Karlovskaya, East China Normal University has laboratories for intellectual learning, teaching and management, with their participation in Chinese schools, a model of intellectual learning has been developed and implemented. «We need to take this experience into service and create a pool of researchers and developers of such technologies and methods at BelSU,» Karlovskaya said.

In addition, and.about. Vladislav Kuchmisty, Vice-Rector of the National Research University «BelSU» for International Cooperation, discussed with the Rector of Dezhou University Zhao Changlin the prospect of joint training of residents and plans to expand cooperation with the Dezhou Cai Jin smart farming company.