Children’s Dance Theater «Eaglet» performed in Beijing with a concert

Performers of the Krasnoyarsk Theater of Children’s Dance «Eaglet» named after V. N. Gudovskaya performed in Beijing with a concert «From Russia with Love». The event took place at the Russian Cultural Center (RCC).

The team performed six Russian folk dances, including «Kalinka». The hall was mostly Chinese spectators, including many children and teenagers. As the TASS correspondent was convinced, the performance made a great impression on the local audience.

“We came to Beijing for the first time, we will give concerts and master classes,” said Rada Mandrik, director of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Palace of Pioneers (Orlyonok exists on the basis of this educational institution). “In our team, children from 10 to 18 years old are boys and girls of schools in the city of Krasnoyarsk. We want to show our experience, share it, and, of course, find our friends here. Those people who will be interested in Russian folk culture.»

As she clarified, more than 40 young Russian artists arrived in Beijing and will be in China for a week. The children performed the Motherland dance in white, blue and red clothes — in accordance with the stripes of the state flag of the Russian Federation.

The trip took place thanks to the support of the administration and the Ministry of Education of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, as well as with the assistance of the RCC. «On August 17, we will perform together with a Chinese children’s group. We will be glad if they come to us in Krasnoyarsk,» Mandrik added.