Chinese Ambassador to Germany commented on the tightening of rules for the export of gallium and germanium

Tightening control over the export of gallium and germanium by China is not directed against individual states. This was stated by the Chinese Ambassador to Germany, Wu Ken, in an interview with the Berliner Zeitung newspaper.

«Regarding the new rules for the export of gallium and germanium that you mentioned, these two raw materials have ‘dual-use’ properties, that is, they can be used for military purposes. Strict controls in this area are commonplace at the international level,» he said. diplomat. «The restrictions are not directed at individual countries,» he stressed. As the Chinese ambassador noted, in Europe and the United States, a much wider range of goods is subject to export control, and there are even clear instructions to restrict exports to China.

«They say that Europe is becoming more dependent on China for rare earths and other raw materials. But, frankly, China is perhaps even more dependent on Europe than vice versa,» said Wu Ken. In this regard, he assured that China will not break ties with Europe. «For decades, the two economies have been very interconnected. We are working together to create prosperity together. Without global cooperation, including with Germany, China’s rapid development is impossible,» the ambassador said.

Commenting on the strategy adopted by the German government to build relations with Beijing, Wu Ken stressed that «there is much more consensus between China and Germany than disagreements.» «Both countries are partners, not rivals. The biggest threat to global stability and the global economy is that some countries are artificially secession and confrontation, disconnection and disruption of supply chains,» the diplomat said. He added that «none of the challenges and problems currently facing Germany have been caused by China.»