Classical style accessories: create a beautiful interior

The classic style is distinguished by its symmetry, simplicity and harmony. The classic is created seriously and for a long time. This is truly excellent and only high -quality furniture, natural expensive flooring, after a while the accessories of this style only rise in value.

Furniture, including soft, chairs and tables have, in most cases, curved carved legs. Chairs and upholstered furniture are broken by expensive fabrics or genuine skin. The ceiling can decorate high -quality stucco molding, in the center a mandatory accessory for this style should be crystal or, made of expensive glass of a chandelier with numerous lights. Coaters and expensive furniture are the basis of the style of classics, and everything else serves as accessories for this style.

When performing a classic interior, you can break it a little with modern materials, as the same accessories, but quite a bit, while trying to ensure that the classic style does not go to Kitch quietly to Kitch.

For example, curtains can be performed light, or replaced with expensive curtains. Buy a table with a glass countertop, necessarily a classic shape. You can dilute the interior with the help of metal things, the modern technique fits perfectly into the design in the classical style, but provided that it will be made in strict classical forms, and did not stand out much from the entire surrounding environment.

In the form of accessories, you can use bronze gypsum figurines, candlesticks, floor watches, plants in cups, different floor vases. Important accessories are mirrors in a wooden gilded frame, as well as the original portraits and paintings . The classic style is the most measured and calm of all available.

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