Clothing «for the front door or useful decor

Each owner, choosing and installing the front door, wants not only strength, protection and durability, but also beauty and practicality. This helps the decor or the symbolic “clothing”, which will not only give individuality, but also hide the metal or armored basis.

There are many ways to finish the door leaf, but the most practical and often used are MDF, vinyl, leatherette and thermal soldier.

Thermal soldier is an anti -vandal coating because it protects against mechanical exposure to the canvas. This material is moisture -resistant, resistant to fire and temperature fluctuations. And belongs to the budget option for decorating the entrance to the city housing or unassuming office. The only drawback is the low indicators of noise and thermal insulation. The thermal soldier is most often applied to the metal surface, which is pre -prepared, putting down and cleaning.

The modern version of leatherette is leatherette — leatherette. He is inexpensive and practical. The door leaf with such a finish looks more solid. In this case, the material is not afraid of moisture and ultraviolet radiation, racks to the temperature difference. But has a shortage — unstable to mechanical effects. The material is superimposed on foam rubber, glued to the door and fixed around the perimeter. Inexpensive doors with installation are most often decorated with leatherette.

MDF panels help the door leaf to obtain texture, which is preferably when installing a door with a metal base. In addition, the decor gives the structure of the tree, which gives the entrance to aesthetics and beauty. This finish is characterized by high noise and thermal insulation properties, low resistance to mechanical exposure. The last factor obliges to install such a canvas in places with minimal traumatic effects. Since MDF is not subject to restoration decoration.

The manufacture of MDF decor parts is carried out by order, according to the prepared drawing. After the decor is cut out, a polymer film is applied to it, which gives a resemblance to natural wood, most often expensive rocks. Such a decoration for pricing policy is the most expensive, but the insulation properties and appearance of that cost.

Of course, there are many more materials that arrange the door leaf in an original way, this is a stone, natural wood, glass, bamboo, forged mesh. Although it is more designer delights than a decoration that enhances the beneficial properties of the door. Having decided to order the doors inexpensively, the owner will opt for budget and useful material for the decor of the door.