Construction of a pond of free outlines

The pond of free outlines is created according to your imagination, but, of course, limited by the size of your site and your capabilities for caring for it. But the outlines can choose arbitrary and non -standard, taking into account the relief and other landscape elements. The sequence of construction operations is about the same as for strict forms, but has some features.

On the pre -moved site, apply the desired contour of the pond. For clarity, this is done using a rope or a flexible hose. Direct lines “beat off” with a rope and pegs, and model curves only with a rope or hose. Having achieved the conceived shape, indicate the contour on the ground with a shovel or thin sand track, like markings on a football field. Calculate the required area of ​​waterproofing material, taking into account a depth of 70cm and the width of the coastal terrace in 30cm. Approximately it can be estimated by constructing a rectangle described to the contour and increasing its sides by one meter (70cm+30cm). Buy and start a film of the required size. It is better to buy a film from a buttonage jacket rubber. Dig a pit under the pond. First, the soil is removed to the depth of the terrace (30cm), and then, leaving the width of the terrace of 30cm to deepen the foundation pit from its internal border to 70 cm. As a result, get a pit with a stepped relief of the side walls (the depth of the step 30 and the width is also 30cm). The bottom should be filled with a layer of sand to 3cm. Cover the dug foundation with a film with a uniform margin along the edges and crush the edges with stones. Having given the film to warm up in the sun and soften for two hours, you can start the gradual filling of the pond with water from the hose. As the film is filled, it will bend under the weight of the water, moving with the stones to the edges of the pit and at the same time taking the shape of the walls and bottom. Giving the water to fill the pond to a level of 5cm below the surface of the Earth to stop the water supply. Remove the stones from the edges of the film, collect the film in small folds on the curves of the contour and cut the edges, leaving a strip on the ground no more than 15 cm and pin the edges to the ground. Renew the edges of the film with a stone with a hanging and fixation with a solution, masking the edges of the film.

On this, all technical measures are considered completed and you can begin to settle the pond with algae and living creatures (optional).