Construction of frame houses

Construction of frame houses

The construction of frame country houses does not require much effort and money, so in a certain case you can carry out construction and with your own hands. Frame construction is already very popular in Scandinavia, Scotland, as well as many European countries, where there is a need for a comfortable and stylish suburban structure. But now the popularity of such houses is growing in our country. The construction of houses according to a frame type can be carried out according to a special Canadian, Finnish or Scottish technology, since each of them has its own advantages and features in use, but still, try to choose the technology of production with special attentiveness and responsibility. And besides, each technology is so well developed that you can build both a small country house and a large comfortable cottage. If we compare such houses with a brick structure, then frame houses in their technical qualities are practically not inferior to them, but in some parameters they even surpass.

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What materials can be used for building a frame house?

The frame construction of modernity involves construction using high -quality strict materials, which has passed a special suitability test specifically for this purpose.

And if we talk about the use of special thermal insulation material, then here you can use mineral or special stone cotton wool. But remember that it is necessary to choose the thickness of the material depending on what kind of climatic conditions you will use the built house, since only then you can try to choose the right thickness of the thermal insulation material used, and it, in turn, can be from 150 to 200 millimeters.

If we talk about creating special wind protection, it is recommended to use wood -steering or wood -fiber slabs, since it is they who can easily protect the house from damage to wind loads.

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