Construction of hotels industry news

In the near Moscow district, there are catastrophically lack cheap hotels, which in turn is considered the reason for restraining the development of the tourism industry of the region, said Oleg Zholobov, Minister of Physical Culture, Tourism, Sports, as well as work with youth.

In order to somehow solve this problem, a special program of the state level “Tourism of the Moscow Region” was developed, in which one of the important and main points is given to the construction of modern hotels, in which unique accessories for glass doors and partitions for investment funds are used. The Moscow Region authorities simultaneously guarantee the purposeful provision of the constructed objects with the necessary engineering communications.

Preliminary measures taken to study the feasibility of introducing an integrated program

Within the framework of this program, a marketing study was performed that studies a tourist flow, so that it could be established where there are most not enough objects such as hotels.

According to the results of this study, local authorities allocated sixty -eight sites in twenty -four municipalities for the construction of economy class hotels. These territories are already waiting for their investors.

For information, the leader in the tourism business of the Moscow region became Sergiev Holy Trinity Bishop Lavra, which is located in Sergiev Posad.

The worships are attentive to the flow of pilgrims constantly visiting these holy places, and take care of creating the appropriate infrastructure for their comfortable stay.

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