Construction of the church of the industry news

In the park, located in the vicinity of the Borisov cemetery, which is located in the southern metropolitan territory, at the intersection of Natashinsky passage with Borisovsky Pond Street, it was decided to build a modern modular temple. This cult structure will be able to simultaneously accept almost half a thousand parishioners.

It is precisely the construction of such an unprecedented structure that the planning of the microdistrict planning on the Moskomarhitekturovsky website is mentioned in the updated project. According to the submitted project, a plot is allocated for the construction of a cult building, the area of ​​which is six tenths of hectares. It is on this site that a typical temple module will be erected, which is designed for a one -time visit to a iller of thirty -one believer. Contractors are already looking for where to buy a metal tile, which is planned to cover the structure.

Additional extension to the temple complex

The area of ​​the building will be a thousand three hundred eighty nine meters. Near the temple a house will be built, having a total area of ​​a thousand two hundred forty -nine meters (this is how many apartments of the studios!).

It should be recalled that the program providing for the construction of two hundred complexes of the parish purpose consists not only of temples, but also for structures for social and missionary work. The Orthodox Church implements such a project in community with Moscow power. It was launched recently, but over the past two years, positive results have already been outlined. A temple dedicated to the memory of those who died in the tragedy on Dubrovka was built.

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