Create living hedges

Head of hedge can be an excellent alternative to a wooden or metallic fence. How to create a hedge in your own personal student?

Before planting, it will be necessary to determine which fence you are going to create, since the choice of plants and the number of space that it will take on the site will depend on this.

First we choose the height of the hedge. Borders (50-70 cm) consist of brilliant cesillet, turquoils, compact varieties of barberry, Japanese quince and spirea.Me and Aiva Japanese, Magonia Padubolitny. Low hedges (70-120 cm) can also be created from the Kizilnik of brilliant, barberry, as well as the Hungarian lilac, bubble, etc. The composition of medium hedges (120-200 cm) may include ordinary lilac, tatar honeysuckle, hawthorn. And high hedges (above 200 cm) consist of an ordinary lilac, Irgi, hawthorn, viburnum, and maple maple.

In addition to deciduous plants, hedges may include evergreen coniferous plants, such as spruce, thuja, juniper. Fads of deciduous shrubs grow rapidly, but need frequent haircuts, and in the fall they lose foliage and become transparent. In turn, coniferous plants grow slowly, cost more, but do not need frequent scraps, keep their shape perfectly and retain their density all year round. To ensure the simplicity of care, you can mount automatic watering that will do watering for you.

Hedges can have the appearance of not only even cut walls, but also represent an impassable obstacle. Such hedges are obtained with dense landing without regular haircuts and are called free -growing. In such hedges, lilacs, spirea, garden jasmine and bush roses look great. The lack of such hedges is only that they occupy more space than cut. What to consider when planning landings.

After the hedge is planted, the question arises about its pruning. The first 2-3 years of growth of hedges, young shoots are cut into half or one third of the increase, which depends on the growth of the plant. Subsequently, with the approximation of the hedge to a given height, 1-2 cm of length from a one-year increase is left. It should also be borne in mind that the upper part is already the lower, not giving shrubs from below they will be exposed due to a lack of light.

Despite the fact that such green walls require a lot of time and labor, the spent efforts are not in vain. The hedges will protect the garden from the wind, dust and noise, give it decorativeness and give it a special atmosphere.