DIY gypsum cardboard partition

The most elementary and win -win solution to divide the room or make several zones in the living room is to build a plasterboard partition. You can do it very simply yourself.

Consider the main advantages and disadvantages of drywall structures. The advantages include:

— a light weight.

— low price.

— Perfectly flat surface.

— Its structure passes the air.

The disadvantages include:

— This material is not suitable for use in rooms with air humidity of more than 90%.

— structural elements cannot be made with sliding.

Before starting work, it is necessary to decide on the type of drywall, today there is a choice between drywall for rooms with normal humidity and for those rooms in which humidity is significantly increased. There is a significant factor — it is necessary to purchase only branded sheets. Since they are made from quality material and meet security standards for residential premises. In order to build a planned design, you will need metal profiles: guides and rack. The former must be installed on the ceiling or floor, and the latter should be fixed vertically (the distances between the profiles should be 50-60 centimeters). After installing profiles, it is necessary to purchase a soundproof material in order to fill the void inside the partition. The strength of the construction will directly depend on the correct fasteners. To connect the frame, it is necessary to apply self-tapping screws with a press-shame, and in order to attach the profile to the walls and the ceiling, a dowel-gvo will be useful to you.

When installing the partition, you will need such tools as: drill-spray, drill, level, scissors for metal, spatula, painting brush. If you have all of the above, you can completely confidently begin installation.

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