DIY pile foundation construction

The most crucial stage in the construction of the house is the construction of the foundation. Prior to the start of work, you must first check the soils on the site, and design the structure. The foundation is selected based on the calculations.If you got a site with complex soil, do not be upset, the foundation from the piles will be perfect for you. Moreover, screw piles, quite, can screw three people, without involving any technique. Screw pile, looks like a hollow pipe with a tip and blades. Therefore, the speed of construction of the zero cycle, when using finished factory products, will be only a few days, regardless of the season.

The piles are installed at a distance of 1.5-2.5 meters among themselves and after they are fastened, you can start the construction of the house. The diameter of the pile itself will depend on how heavy your structure will be, and the depth of its deepening, on the soil on your site. After deepening, the piles are aligned, cutting to the required level, and weld the heads (protruding parts of the piles, welded to each other using a channel or other material). If the building under construction is massive, then concrete is poured inside the piles, and if lightweight, then this is not necessary.

When erecting structures with large loads, it is recommended to build them on a pile-lental foundation. You can also do this on your own. First, the preparation of the site is prepared, then the foundation is marking and pits are drilled for future piles. To do this, it is very convenient to use the Mustang minor loader, it is multifunctional due to its attachment equipment (you can use it, both during construction and when working on a personal plot). The form of piles will depend on the technology used and the materials used. Pile wells are subject to waterproofing from roofing material, later asbestos -cement pipes or reinforcement frames will be dropped into them. Then these designs are poured with concrete of brand M 400, in winter, special plasticizers are added to it and piles are combined to give strength with reinforced concrete tape.

For the manufacture of a strip monolith, first the formwork is made, then the reinforcement leaving the piles is associated with the armature of the formwork laid inside, and finally, all this is poured with concrete with mandatory vibration. The width of the tape is about 400 mm and depends on the weight of the structure.

Concrete, under natural conditions, gains strength of 50 % in one week, after which you can start building a house.