Drilling holes in concrete

In construction, it is often necessary to create an opening of the required size, as well as forms in surfaces made of various material, including concrete. As a rule, to solve such a problem, such a method for making holes as cable or diamond cutting is used, however, their use in massive building structures made of strong material is not acceptable. In this case, diamond drilling holes in concrete is most often used. This method is quite new and allows you to make holes of a cylindrical shape with an absolutely flat surface. Special crowns are used for drilling.

The column drill, which drill holes in concrete, is a half pipe made of metal with a certain diameter. For the manufacture of openings in walls with a thickness not exceeding 40 cm, standard crowns are used, the length of which is usually 400 mm with a diameter of 200 mm. In the event that the wall is slightly larger than the working part of the crown, then special extension cords are used, thanks to which the drilling depth increases.

In order to make an opening in a fairly thick wall, the displaying method is perfect, which consists in drilling holes along the contour of the future opening. As soon as drilling holes in concrete in this method is completed, there is a need for the seizure of the part that was postponed, that is, it must be dismantled.  The excavation, as a rule, is carried out using concrete -ribs on hydraulics, which can dismantle without unnecessary dust and noise, parts are dismantled for further disposal.

Quite often there is a need for an opening. In this case, it is necessary to very carefully drill holes in concrete, since deleting part of the structure, there is a potential danger to others, so it is first necessary to adhere to safety precautions. Before starting work, it is necessary to fasten the part that must be removed using special mechanisms. In the event that part of the deleted design, then a large enough should resort to such equipment as manipulators, taps, winches. In the manufacture of the opening method, an array, before disposal, it is necessary to lower and destroy.

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