Dry stream

For a variety, instead of murmuring streams and beating fountains, you can make a dry stream. As you can see from the name, such a stream does not imply the presence of water in it. However, it creates the impression that after the mushroom rain of the brook will be filled again with water and will delight us with its murmur.

In order to equip such a stream on the manor site you will need stones. The choice of stone will depend on how you want to make a stream. Light stones will help to simulate a waterfall, and glass balls will make the streams shine and shimmer with various colors.

We make a dry stream with our own hands:

one. First of all, it is necessary to outline the contour of the future stream. To do this, you need to dig a small pedestrian path, the depth of which will be about 15-20 centimeters. Next, cover this path with some dark material. This is done so that weeds could not germinate in this place. 2. Stones should start from the inside. All stones need to alternate. Lay out large stones, changing them with small and medium. In the channel of the stream, throw pebbles. In some places, put boulders of various sizes and colors. The most important thing is not to overdo it! 3. Despite the fact that our future stream will be dry, give preference to plants that are associated with water. For example, you can plant Miscantus, Arundo or Bamboo near the stream. You can choose the plants that you like the most, the main thing is that they harmonize well with the landscape. Flowers best choose a blue shade, such as forget -me -nots, bells or irises. In order to strengthen the illusion of sputum, plant blue plants, such as a blue oatmeal in the channel of the stream, bison grass or mosquito cereals. The arrangement of such a stream will give aesthetic pleasure, and also help to solve planning problems. For example, it can help connect a variety of areas and hide the sewer. Caring for a dry stream is extremely simple. Here you do not need to suffer either with algae, or with constantly arising bitch in the drains of ordinary streams. There is also no need to install expensive water pumping systems here. Remember which stream, dry or murmuring, make in your garden, the choice is yours. This is only one of the options, how to revive your country site, and hide the shortcomings of the territory.