Drywall and its properties

The material common in our time is used both in the role of the reinforcing corps and as the basis in order to apply any finishing material to its surface. Drywall is used for repair and construction. The material is also acceptable and an acceptable price, therefore, is in demand in the modern construction market.

The structure of drywall includes two layers of cardboard and gypsum laying between them. The composition of drywall also includes other additional substances that affect its quality. So, in order to give the drywall density, it includes a reinforcing component, as well as fiberglass. Very often, glue is also mixed in the composition so that the cardboard is tightly adjacent to the gypsum, but usually manufacturers leave this secret.

Drywall has many advantages. The main one is its environmental friendliness. This material also has a wide spectrum for use: it is used in interior design, decorating walls and ceilings. Drywall — the favorite material of many designers. Being non -toxic, it withstands any climate change, as well as enough strokes and moisture, has excellent sound insulation. The material itself is easy, so it does not cause any difficulties during construction work. Also, if it is subject to special processing, it is very easy to increase the strength of the material.

Do not forget about safety precautions. When pruning drywall, it is advisable to protect your eyes, closing them with protective glasses, you can use masks, while protecting the respiratory tract. Without doing this, you do not prevent the hit of small particles of gypsum and cardboard in the eyes and the risk of suffocating them. If you use glue for installation work, then wait for the surface of the drywall to completely glue. If in the room the air humidity exceeds 75%, it is advisable to process the material with a special composition in order to avoid its swelling.

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