When using any building material, it is necessary to take into account a large number of all kinds of positive and negative properties of these materials, which ultimately should give really special ways of applying them. If we talk about drywall, then this magnificent building material is certainly able to give any construction in the modern world special ease and simplicity. And it does not matter that drywall weighs extremely little, and it costs just as much, but just about the fact that this wonderful composite material has special properties that are certainly actively used by builders to achieve certain goals in their business. Plasterboard partitions, shelves, ceilings, and many other building materials are certainly actively used in modern construction science around the world. An important feature of this magnificent material is that it is certainly a refractory material, that is, it does not burn with secretions of combustion products that negatively affect people. This material is also not affected by moisture, which certainly also distinguishes this wonderful material from a wide list of such materials. It is necessary to take into account the fact that certainly modern design and construction art could virtually exist without drywall, which ultimately speaks directly only that drywall is the most wonderful building materials that are now in the builders in their hands. Thus, it is true that only the active use of this delightful material in mass quantities will ultimately reduce the number of fires, as well as leading to lower problems of flooding in the apartment.

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