Eastern style interior

Transfiguration of the living room oriental style. Für diejenigen, who loves traveling, reads Arabic tales with pleasure and dreams of oriental comfort and bliss, we offer an unusual design of the living room.

Of course, it would be nice to furnish the “eastern” living room with carved furniture in dark blue, but even if you limit yourself to wall decoration, openwork shelves and a red carpet with an oriental ornament on the floor, your living room will shine in a kind of luxurious.

Use light plain wallpapers for the upper part of the walls, separating them from the lower (with wallpaper imitating straws) with a wooden bar selected in one tone with a floorboard or skirting board. At the top of the walls, you can put it, made on a stencil, patterned pattern.

The carpet of the sofa in the «eastern» version of the living room is replaced by an openwork shelf and a panel within the framework of a lancet form. A plant ornament or arabesque in red colors will look best here. The background shows the drawing of the panel, like the frame, should be in harmony with the color of the upper part of the walls. You can supplement the oriental interior flavor with a carved wooden cornice framing the window and stylized lamps.


In such a bedroom, you will involuntarily feel like a shakherzada. And the whole highlight is that in the head of the bed there is a fake wall of drywall. In it, firing niches are cut, and a polyurethane socket was inserted into the main (the largest). The wall itself and the niches in it are covered with light wallpaper, the same as the upper part of the walls. In niches you can place lamps and vases in the oriental style. The walls in the bedroom are decorated in the same way as in the living room (two types of wallpaper and patterned frieze on the top of the wall). A wardrobe in the bedroom can also be decorated with lattice doors.

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