Equipment of the irrigation system for the lawn and flower beds

A beautiful flowerbed, a lawn and a small bed near the house — the dream of every housewife living in a frequent house. Within the city or beyond on the fenced area, nothing costs a small flowerbed of flowers, fresh vegetables and berries. To ensure moisture, it is not even necessary to use expensive water from the central water supply system. Hozy pumps that supply clean water from deep aquifers are perfectly cope with watering. The well -thought -out system will be able to independently water the personal plot on the schedule.

To configure high -quality watering, you will need a minimum set of equipment, which includes:

one. Hoses and pipes. On average, hoses will be required by a section diameter from 25 mm to 32 mm. It is better to use high -quality PVC hoses with additional reinforcement. They are resistant to prolonged finding in the ground, do not break and do not crack in the places of bends. Iron and preferably plastic crosses are necessary for the distribution of water flows in different directions.

2. High -quality submersible pumps will be able to pump enough water for watering flower beds, beds and garden. If it is necessary to supply water over long distances to the system, you can add a tank with a compressor.

3. Spray of water. The watering equipment market will offer a huge selection of shapes, sizes and radius of action. All types are used: circular, strip, with different radius (90, 180, 270) and type of water supply (spraying, spraying, watering).

four. Watering control computer, control unit. Allows you to automate watering according to a strictly defined schedule. With such a system, it is easy to distribute watering flower beds, garden, beds with various intervals.

5. Tenziometer — soil moisture sensor. The system saves water and water only those areas where the humidity of the Earth is below the required level.

According to an arbitrary scheme, the equipment is assembled into the system and, using groundwater with a pump, the entire site is irrigated. The simplicity of the device and the possibility of autonomous work practically do not require human intervention. You can do your own business without being distracted by long walking with a watering can on clubs and beds on a hot summer day.