Equipped slopes the key to heat in the house

In winter, cold and frost penetrates the apartment through the cracks in the windows and doors. Even if you have the best Dakon boilers, then through the cracks the penetrating cold air will be unpleasantly soothing around the apartment. The finish of the slopes helps to keep heat in the house. In addition, due to poor decoration of slopes into the house, it may forget to forget rain. Therefore, the decoration of the slopes should pay special attention.

Most often slopes are finished using foam or ordinary plaster. Foam slopes are thicker. Foam in this case acts as a heater for the window.

Spear finish using foam

Foam can be taken any suitable thickness. There are foam plates with one and to five centimeters thick. You will also need construction cement glue, spatula, putty, mesh for leveling seams. First you need to knead the glue with the help of a construction mixer. The surface of the slopes must be treated with a primer, but it should first be torn off the paint and pieces from old slopes that show off.

Glue is applied to the slopes, and foam leaves are tightly glued. Glue you need to give a day for drying. Then at the seams you need to attach a construction grid and lay with putty. After that, you must let it dry again. Then you need to apply and align the finish putty using a spatula. After drying, the slopes must be slightly wiped and you can start painting or another way of decorating them.

Spear finish using plaster

The slopes can be finished in the old in a good way — with the help of cement, sand and putty. Previously, it is worth cleaning old slopes. Then you have to plaster slopes several times. It is important that sunny weather is during the repair work. Then the plaster will dry out faster. After you have achieved the desired thickness of the slopes, you can start putty them. The first layer must be applied to the starting putty, and then wait for it to dry. You can apply one or two layers of starting putty. After its complete drying, the finish putty should be applied. It will have to be applied at least twice. After light grout, slopes can be decorated.