Escilled log or beam

For many centuries in a row, it is the tree that has been holding its positions in the house building market from natural wood. This is all not at all accidental, because it is the tree, building material is distinguished by its ecological purity, created by nature itself without human intervention.There are a very large number of people who ask themselves just before the construction of natural woods are such questions as what kind of tree breed is best to give their preference, what kind of project of a country house for them will be personally winning. It should be noted in this case that all competition is exclusively between a glued and a gallected timber. Let’s go briefly on each species?

The house made of logs of the gallended is the most comfortable and the warmest, if we compare it with the most standard houses that are made simply from wood. Such a house has a very high strength — it is removed in the process of processing the material from it a certain unstable part, and then only a special core is taken into use — reliable and differs in its high strength.

Among the most basic achievements of such suburban houses that are made of a gallended timber, it should be noted a somewhat rounded shape, excellent properties of aesthetic, very fast process of assembling the house of your dreams.

A house made precisely from such building material as a beam has a more complex construction technology, and certain skills of work, and experience should be required from the builder. A house made of a beam is not a cheap pleasure so to speak.

The main advantage of a country house from such a material as a beam is a high connection strength, a more even surface of the walls of the house, all parts are made unusually simply.

Of course, the difference between a house made of logs of a galinded or from a beam is an appearance, but not only, because this is an ideal option to build a country’s country house.

No need to repeat yourself about the fact that the choice of what exactly the option of a country house to give your preference depends on you.