Facade cladding panels

The modern way of facing facade is the use of special panels. There are quite a lot of their types, so the owner of the home has a good chance to choose some good option. In addition, the panel can also vary greatly, which affects their practical and aesthetic properties. But what kind of types of such facing panels can be called?

First you need to say about the most extensive group of such materials. It’s about siding. This is the name of panels with flat surfaces that can be made of wood, plastic, steel, aluminum and even asbestos.

The last option is not particularly popular. The rest find their consumer without problems. And the most popular is plastic siding. Its weight is quite modest, and the cost is relatively small. Also, a large plus of material should be considered a variety of types of external performance.

Founding materials have a huge share in the market, for the manufacture of which wood is used. Here, first of all, I must say about imitation of the beam. This material is similar to a wooden siding, but still differs from it primarily in size. In his case, they are more.

After the installation of imitation of the beam on the facade, it begins to seem that the house is completely built from a profiled timber. In this case, its thermal insulation increases. The advantage of the material also consists in its environmental cleanliness and good appearance.

Another type of wood facing panels is block house. From imitation of timber, it has a more impressive thickness and a rounded front surface. By analogy, this material can be called an imitation of logs. In practical characteristics, it is no different from the previous type of panels.

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