Facade wall cladding foundation and walls

Today, the most common type of facade wall cladding is siding or installation of a ventilated facade.

The first is made of plastic in the form of a panel, in addition, it is easily installed to the walls, while they do not require any preliminary preparation.

Siding is considered the most reliable and at the same time inexpensive material.

Other equally known material, which is also used to decorate the facade, is considered facing brick. For facing the facade part of the house, you can choose the most diverse bricks in shape and color, thereby creating your home with a unique and original design. It is worth noting that a large number of types of facing bricks are now being produced, which allows you to choose the necessary material to its taste and color.

Such a brick can serve for a very long time, but, nevertheless, there are times that it will still have to be updated. The main disadvantage of this type of material is the occurrence of subtexts and white spots on it — salts crystals that occur due to the use of frost -resistant ingredients in a solution for masonry or from poorly washed sand.

Stone cladding

Another type of material that is widely used in modern construction is a stone. This material will allow your structure of solidity, sophistication and thoroughness. The main disadvantage of this type of facade is that the stone does not give heat and moisture -proof properties, moreover, it has a large weight.

But, despite this, this type of facing material has its fans.

Similar materials:

DIY wall plaster is not easy and it requires not only experience, but also knowledge.

Quite often in buildings, both in apartments and private structures, you can see such a phenomenon as freezing walls.

The facade of each house needs a beautiful decoration and reliable protection.

The decoration of buildings using ventilated hinged facades is considered to be very popular today.