Fascinating cartoon «Poppix»

If you like good and interesting cartoons, then we recommend that you watch the animated series «Poppix». Its creators are the legendary directors of Vinx. This cartoon will not leave indifferent children of school and preschool age.

You can watch the adventures of the heroes online. Poppixes are funny, kind and cheerful fairies that live in a small town. They received this city for decent service. It contains a lot of positive energy. It should be noted that the whole cartoon is filled with kindness and good mood. It is perfect for viewing to young children. By the way, you can watch magic popxes on the Internet.

The town where the fairies live is small, but very friendly. He is protected by a magic wall from the outside world. The defense of the wall is carried out by the fairies of Popx. These fairies are very friendly with sorceresses from Alpheus School, who are part of the Winx club. Brave little fairies and their young friend Martino resist evil elves who strive to ruin their life. Feans Poppixes have great spiritual kindness and they are very united, which allows them to easily overcome all difficulties that arise in their path. In addition to fairies and elves, fabulous gnomes and trolls also live here. The world in which these amazing creatures live is called pixille. Magic and magic for the inhabitants of this town are commonplace. The city is surrounded by large forests with tall trees and shrubs. The tree of life is the main advantage of the local inhabitants. It is it that exudes the magical energy that residents so necessary. Fei Poppixi love to dream and communicate with each other. They are very friendly. Every day they go into the most exciting adventures. They are different, but so interesting that when they get together, they are not bored. All fairies use magical energy for the common good. Each of the fairies can become the owner of the power more than everyone else, then no enemy can cope with her.

Look at this cartoon with the children.

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