Heating pipes with an electrician cable

Before starting the construction of the building, you should think over the sewage system and water supply system. To ensure reliable protection of VGP pipes from frosts, different solutions are used, one of which is heated with a cable.

The most popular heating systems are those that are made of zonal, self -regulating and resistive Self cables.

For example, if we consider the heating cable self -regulating, then the name is responsible for itself — it is able to sensitively respond at sharp temperature changes and does it not just as necessary, but warms stronger in those places where it is quite cold, and does not warm where warmed. This means that such self -regulatory cables for heating themselves are able to control the energy consumption.

Installation of a self -regulating cable

This cable can be installed independently. Just cut off for the required length, and then connect to the network.

It is worth knowing that almost all types of cable are connected only through an RCD, which has a torque current within 30 mA, and a circuit breaker is also needed.

If you use as a heating cable one that is used for pipes, then in this case it is necessary to install a special thermostat with an exact pipe temperature sensor.

It is called resistive, this means that the cable is not so smart, which is self -regulating. Without extraneous influence, it is not subject to change the temperature independently, but its design is much easier, and this means that the cost will be lower.

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