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High-tech interior

Straight lines, restrained, buying color scheme, metal, glass and plastic-this is the basis of the Hai-Tex style. This style represents the interior of our time, completely immersed in the technosphere, an artificially created environment.

A techno-interior is drawn up in gray and black, white and beige, burgundy and dirty red, khaki and metallic flowers. A variety of flowers, ornaments, colorful drawings are not allowed. Each interior element is made in one tone and only one bright spot can be present, por ejemplo, a red chair or a yellow lamp.

A special role is given to lighting, which emphasizes the splendor of structures made of glass and metal. Suspended haigogenic lamps, sofitis, string lamps are great for techno-style.

Furniture items are distinguished by simple geometric shapes, they are as functional as possible, do not take up much space: transformers, built-in furniture, chairs with curved metal legs and backs, glass magazine tables, modular sofas. As a bright spot, a sofa with saturated upholstery, or covered with a cover equipped with many pockets for newspapers and remote controls, can serve as a bright spot. Fastless baggy poufs are also coming here.

High-tech interior walls are stained in sand, beige and white plain colors. On the wall you can hang a picture in a metal frame or several copyright photos.

The floors are covered with carperers or small carpets with a thick pile. Pedi and covering imitate the skin of a leopard, white tiger or zebra.

For windows, blinds or roller curtains are used, but you can also hang curtains of blue, brick, gray or black. To visually expand the space, you can remove the doors completely or install sliding structures.

As an original addition to the Hi-Tex style, a large aquarium with unusual marine inhabitants is suitable.

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