High technologies and national flavor

Of course, first of all, people strive for aura for shopping. Here is the expanse for shopping — the total trading area is 62000 square meters.m, which is more than a dozen football fields! This space is divided between several dozen stores, starting from giant hypermarkets Okay!»And Media-Markt. The remaining stores have a variety of sizes, including very miniature boutiques with special specifics. Full list of stores Novosibirsk

Shopping center «Aura» can be seen on the complex website.

Of course, there is a certain mention of the catering, formed in a whole restaurant town. To choose from at once 20 establishments for every taste. There has been a structure that is ideal for the thousands of visitors, filling the complex from 10 a.m. to 10 pm and often spend the full day in Aura. The interests of the buyer who seek to quickly quench the appetite -warming appetite, dictate orientation towards fast food according to world standards. Therefore, the tone here is set by such fast food faces as the indispensable McDonald’s, the Italian network Sbarro or the American Subway.

They successfully compete with them that have made a bet on the national flavor. We mention the dumpling «dozen» with 12 types of manual sculpting dumplings. And in the pancake restaurant «Pancakes» visitors awaits a special pleasure to observe the work of the open kitchen, where Russian pancakes with a variety of filling are preparing with circus virtuosity.

Lunch in a restaurant is not the only pleasure of visitors to the Aura that came with the whole family. So, preschool children have a great opportunity to have fun in the game zone «Conditions». At the same time, parents can fearlessly leave their business-there they will look after the full-time animators-pedagogues. Their duty is to make children’s fuss completely safe.

With older children, you can go to the cinema-to one of the 9 halls that simultaneously work in the network cinema Novosibirsk- »Formula Cinema». A full set of Highte special effects beckons another hall — «5dsinem». There is a schedule of sessions and a repertoire list on the complex website.

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