Horizontally directed drilling. Emergency help

Technologies of horizontally directed drilling (GND) were called to life urban planning needs for the development of underground space.

In Russia, where the development of underground spaces of cities is still in its infancy, the GND technology has recently appeared. Back in the early 90s, such a technique was considered inconsistent for Russian conditions. Someone referred to the absence of a production and technical base, someone considered this method economically unprofitable, and the “departure” itself was not so relevant yet.

The rapid development of Russia, especially the growth of cities, accompanied by a conventional set of problems — the overload of the transport network, the stretch of underground utilities, the disappearance of «green» zones, etc. D. — radically changed the situation.

The need to master the underground part of the city, penetrating into a dense system of underground utilities without violating their integrity, immediately turned the use of the GND technique from impossible into acutely necessary.

Types of the GNB

One of the most common types of GND is the puncture method. When using this technology, a pipe is clogged into the soil, moving the efforts of the frame with the jacks installed on it, pneumatic proofs or vibration grounds. The well breaks through the soil compaction method.

The method of tactrand pipe laying involves the use of puffing techniques. The soil in this case is displaced through the well of the pipe to the surface. This technology is good in that it allows the use of widely detectral pipes.

Horizontal directed drilling is a tactrand laying of all types of underground communications at different depths without violating the operating mode of existing networks.

Drilling is carried out by the installation of the GND, which paves wells from one point to another bypassing artificial or natural obstacles. Drilling most often takes place in several stages.

GND eliminates such building problems as:

the destruction of the roadway with its subsequent restoration;

damage to an existing network;

closing the transport arteries of the city;

cutting green spaces;

destruction of landscaped territories;

Destruction of the earth cover and t. P.

GND is distinguished by high economic return. By delivering builders from carrying out the above work, this method saves time and reduces the number of people involved in the work.

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