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Article: which windows are better?

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Article: a heating system of a two -story house

Over the past few years, they began to practice the installation of two boilers (gas and on solid fuel). Heating two floors requires a lot of gas in the cold winter. Here the installed parallel boiler on solid fuel comes to the rescue. The transition to heating with firewood allows you to save money.

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Article: Choosing thermal insulation materials

You can insulate the enclosing structures at home with warm plaster. This type of insulation is good because plaster can be applied to the wall, both from the outer and inside.

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Article: Kitchen Repair

As for the kitchen, then everything is clear on the floor. Except tiles, there are no competitors at all. That in Soviet times they laid linoleum, this was not the best option, it was lying for no more than 5 years!

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Article: how to remove a fungus from the walls?

The necessary article. Ignore the dark spots on the ceilings and walls are fraught with serious health consequences. In our outback, it is difficult with all sorts of correct means to combat the fungus therefore I use a solution of ordinary chlorine. There are no traces left in the processed places and the spot does not appear very long for a long time. Although chlorine itself is also not safe. After a solution of chlorine, you need to rinse all the places with a soap solution.

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Article: Modern heating systems

I completely agree with the author of the article that today it is impossible to create comfort in a house or apartment with one design. After all, if in winter the apartment will be cool or too hot, you will no longer feel the comfort that you would like. It’s a pity that in apartments not everyone is allowed to do an autonomous. Otherwise, I would have done myself for a long time.

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Article: Repair in a wooden house

I have a wooden house, repairs in the whole house are completely made using a natural tree, as it can “breathe”, preserving a certain microclimate in the room.