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Hot roof — its design

The hut roof of which is used very often in the construction sector, can be used as an attic superstructure. The most important thing in this matter is the understanding that the system of rafters of the hip roofs and the construction of its design should proceed from the exact marking and the correct calculation.

According to the recommendations, all the measurements should be made on the lower part of the ribs of the rafters, which are based on clinker brick. Performing, thus, markings, it is necessary to measure the size to the single point that determines the place where the incision will be performed.

At the same time, the number of stages of work is significantly reduced, which means that the possibility of errors is significantly reduced.

Calculation of the design of the elements that make up the design of the hip roof

In addition, another advantage of such a technique is that you do not need to think to what level the rafters should be lowered in the corner part, since the design has the possibility of using lumber of the same section.

It is also necessary to know in detail everything about the rafter system for roofs.

The complexity of the calculations is minimal, since the location of the rafters is reflected through traditional rectangular triangles. Thus, the calculation of all sizes can be made using the Pythagorean theorem.

Intermediate rafters should rest on the skate beam, as well as the upper beam.

The corner rafters can be distinguished from the intermediate analogue in that it has a more gentle slope and cut -out, having a bevel for the skate.

Similar materials:

The building market for covering roofs offers a wide range of these products, which can satisfy the requests of even capricious buyers.

The construction and repair of soft roofs is a process that includes the construction of a rafter structure.

Corrugated board is one of the fairly light building materials, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the costs of a lightweight design of the roof system.

Perhaps everyone knows that the roof is considered the main element of the structure, since it performs many functions, one of which is considered to protect houses from all kinds of precipitation.