House processing from profiled timber: building protection

House processing from profiled timber: building protection

Any material needs additional protection against adverse environmental factors, and wood is not an exception to the rules. House processing from a profiled beam using an antiseptic allows you to extend the term for use of the structure. But for the correct and competent processing, it is necessary to choose an appropriate case of an antiseptic.

Types of antiseptics used in the treatment of wood from the outside

Prophet antiseptic agents. These compositions are processed by the house inside and out, the products do not have a poor smell. It is better to use antiseptics made on an organic basis: in the process of their operation, they are not washed out.

Antiseptics of foaming properties. They are divided into two groups: glazing and opaque compositions. They are great as a finish coating. Loosing products on the surface create a transparent film that is washed off under the influence of precipitation. Therefore, it is necessary to update this coating outside.

Covering trains are based on resins, they create a textured coating that can paint over the structure of the tree. Accordingly, the appearance of the house changes.

Inside the premises also use aqueous solutions of antiseptic properties. After 14 days, it is necessary to make the finish covering the walls of the house from the inside.

In what cases do the walls of the house begin to process the walls?

The processing of a house from a profiled timber must be done when its owner noticed negative phenomena on it, expressed in blue and dark spots on wood. The tree must be cleaned first, for this, special products based on chlorides are used. The work is carried out by a brush with natural bristles. The substance is applied with an even and thin layer to the surface. If you look at what happens to the tree in 5 minutes, you can see that it gradually acquires its original appearance. A week after processing, it is necessary to make a finish coating. Antisepting the wall floors of the house from the profile beam must be carried out simultaneously with the processing of the lower crowns. The fact is that they are the most vulnerable areas in a wooden house. In addition to them, processing is carried out according to the black floor, sexual lags, etc.D.

It is in these places due to an increased level of humidity that there is a risk of attacking insects and larvae.

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