How to choose a bulk floor? Construction and repair

Before repairing any room, it is necessary to give due attention to the floor. Paul is the very first thing you have to start. Paul is the most important in the room. The floor should be durable, it must save heat. Paul should withstand an impressive load. A universal solution is suitable for all these requirements — a bulk floor.

As a rule, the quality of the concrete floor is low. Such a floor does not meet the requirements of thermal insulation. The bulk floor is applied over the concrete floor, and is a polymer mass that is applied to the concrete floor, hardens and turns into a seamless coating.

Bulk floors have a number of exceptional advantages. One of the most basic is durability. If you follow the conditions of styling correctly, then the bulk floor can last several decades. Paul this type — has no seams. This gives him aesthetic properties. They have high wear resistance, withstand many factors of external influence.

It is worth noting that the materials from which such floors are produced are resistant to chemicals. Shock resistance is also an undoubted plus of this type of coatings. Their surface easily withstand the fall of heavy objects and vibrations associated with repair work, they are able to absorb dust in themselves. This eliminates additional work. In addition, floors of this type are not fire hazardous. They do not ignite and they often equip fire exits. They do not contain toxic components, being completely harmless.

There are several types of bulk floors: polyurethane and epoxy floors. Polyurethane have a high degree of strength. They perfectly withstand physical activity and vibrations.

Epoxy floors are particularly resistant to chemicals and are more suitable for styling in the premises of public organizations, such as: hospitals, schools, sanatoriums.

You need to choose a bulk floor based on your specific needs. But for no matter what purpose you buy a bulk floor, you can be sure that the money is spent not in vain.

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