How to choose a crystal chandelier?

Crystal chandeliers are the most popular type of lighting devices, which is used in residential premises for more than one century. They are distinguished by extraordinary beauty and presentability. Of course, they are very expensive. Therefore, in order to avoid disappointments, it is worth selecting such an interior item as attentively as possible.


When buying, first of all, it is worth taking into account such a great importance as the quality of crystal. This material is glass with the addition of lead. According to the standard of the latter, the composition should contain at least 24%. However, some manufacturers are mainly American calling even glass containing only 6% of lead oxides. Such material shines not as bright as real.

The power of the chandelier is also a very important indicator. For a fairly spacious room, it should be at least 200 — 300 watts. The design of the device is another important detail. In particular, the size of the cartridges. In the device with a complex design, they can be non -standard. In the subsequent, replacing such elements usually becomes a real problem.

Selection of design

Two types of equipment are currently produced — ceiling and suspended. In the first case, the device is rather a lamp, since it is attached to the ceiling almost close. Models of this type are best used in rooms with low ceilings. The second type — the classic is perfect for spacious rooms. It is a design attached to the ceiling by means of a chain or rod. The design can be executed using traditional “viscous” or “candles”, or any figures (animals, flowers, butterflies, stars, rhombuses, etc.D.). The first option is ideal for a classic interior. The second — for a room in the style of modern. You can see and purchase all the variety of lighting devices here -/Category/283/.

The choice of the manufacturer

Czech models are considered the highest quality and most beautiful. Good products are also produced in Russia, Italy and Spain. Of course, it is worth purchasing only devices manufactured by a well -known manufacturer with a good reputation. Crystal chandelier is not cheap pleasure, and therefore it is not worth taking risks and saving.

When buying a chandelier, you should pay attention to its technical parameters, the quality of crystal and, of course, design. And, of course, the model should appeal to the owners of the apartment.