How to choose a gas meter?

In order to choose a suitable model of a gas meter, you need to know some useful nuances. The gas meter is used both for accounting for energy resources and to stimulate their economical consumption.

When choosing a counter, first of all, it is necessary to take into account the number of gas devices used and their maximum consumption. Information about consumption is contained, as a rule, in the passport of the device. For the correct choice of this product, you need to find out its throughput indicated on the marking of the product. The bandwidth equal to 0.016 to 2.5 cubic meters corresponds to the marking with the code G 1.6, and the marking G 2.5 corresponds to the bandwidth from 0.025 to 4 cubic meters, etc.D.

The main types of gas meters have the following classification: membrane, rotary, turbine. The most popular for domestic use are membrane diaphragm (chamber) devices. So — when choosing, it is necessary to take into account the location of gas devices and pipes, since all gas meters have a certain direction of gas flow: from left to right or right to the left. Gas meters can be installed, both indoors and outside, if you need to install a meter, we advise you to pay attention to the site whose specialists will install the device responsibly and professionally.

Do not try to save money to choose a cheap counter. In the future, such a decision can bring a lot of trouble, ranging from the need to replace the device in two years and, ending with inaccurate accounting, as well as an too short interderial interval.

In order to determine whether the selected meter is of high quality, it is necessary to find out whether its work is stable within the inter -industrial interval. At the same time, pressure losses should be minimal. The gas counter must be resistant to fires and have protection against extraneous intervention. The operational resource of this product should be high — from 20 years or more. Among other things, the counter should be compact and insensitive to pollution.

Keep in mind the fact that when you independently purchase this product in specialized stores, you will be able to save money, since the cost of the device offered for purchase in the gas farm will be somewhat high.

The choice of a model of a gas meter, optimally suitable for specific operating conditions, will help to avoid problems with its installation and further operation.