How to choose a laminate for an entrance hall?

The design of the hallway is a responsible and serious matter. After all, this room is the first thing the guests come to see. In addition, the specifics of this room requires the use of only materials that meet certain criteria. The laminate for decorating this room is very good. However, when choosing it, of course, you need to take into account some important points.

How to choose a class class suitable for the hallway?

The entire laminate produced by modern industry is divided into several main classes depending on wear resistance. The weakest in this regard is the 21st grade. It is not worth using it for the hallway. Ideal for this room is suitable for 23 class material, for example, such as Haro laminate. This coating will last much longer and will not lose its aesthetic appearance after several “tests” with water or dirt. There are more durable and expensive varieties. For example, class 31 material. If desired, this option can be applied. However, in most cases, such a solution is no more than an extra waste of money. This class is used mainly for flooring in public institutions. It is advisable to use it in the corridor of a residential apartment only in the case of a very large cross -country ability, and therefore the load on the floor. The fact that the material is intended for public institutions says the first digit 3 of marking. For residential premises in this case, the number 2 is used.

How to choose the color and laminate design?

Of course, it is better not to lay too light material in the hallway. Such floors will get dirty very quickly. But a very dark option should be chosen with great caution. A similar choice can make a small room, visually even less. An ideal solution for the corridor of a residential apartment will be a light gray or dark beige shade. Specialists designers do not advise using a laminate throughout the area of ​​the hallway. The site near the door should be laid out with a porcelain or tile. The main load from street shoes and dirt will be in this place. A laminate is currently available, already equipped with a false. It is worth buying just such an option. In this case, it will be much easier to mount the coating. The substrate provides heat and waterproofing. In addition, she is able to «jerk» steps.

The most important thing when choosing finishing material in the corridor is to pay attention to the class of its wear resistance. Of course, the design of the lamellas is also important.

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