How to choose a putty for leveling walls

The putty is designed to align the surfaces of the walls and ceiling from convex and unnatural bends, for better adhesion with finishing materials.

They are available in a dry mixture, as well as as a solution that is ready to work, having a pasty shape. There is a starting and finishing type of putty. The first is intended for complex and rough work, which takes most of the building material, as it allows you to level the surface, while the finish is just adjusted. Therefore, the starting putty should be strong.

The possibility of low consumption is one of the criteria for choosing. The consumption is necessarily indicated on the packaging. However, puttying of one type have approximate consumption, so experts first recommend that you decide: for interior decoration, facade. Another feature of the choice is the definition with what work will be carried out after putting the surface. In the event that, after putty, the walls are painted, it is recommended to stop the choice on putty based on PVA glue. In this case, the surface will turn out to be white and even and ideal for subsequent painting. If the wallpaper is glued after putty, then it makes sense to save and purchase material on a cement basis.

When choosing a facade putty, you need to pay attention to resistance to temperature extremes, fraction and adhesion.

There are universal species that are permissible for both cosmetic and overhaul. On the one hand, this is good, since you do not need to understand for a long time that you need it, on the other hand, the products of the “wide spectrum of action” always lose to highly specialized goods. The choice is yours.

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